London Playwrights’ Host Verbatim Playwriting Workshop

Join Kate Austen for an evening exploring verbatim playwriting.

During the session, Kate will tell you about her process and how she started and you will explore topics such as definition, permission, interview techniques and vulnerability. You will work together during the 90 minutes to explore the verbatim process and work on your own piece of verbatim writing.

Optional Pre-task: ask a family or friend to tell a short exciting story from their life, no longer than a minute or so, this should be recorded either via phone or other device. Then write down exactly what you hear from the recording, every erm or but or like, nothing should be deleted. Bring this along with you to the workshop.

About the facilitator:

“Hello, I’m Kate and I am a writer and theatre maker from Essex.

My practice focuses on immersing myself in every piece of work. I am all in right from the off! Whether that be extensive research knee deep in archives, taking verbatim interviews or living as authentically as possible as my characters would. A method writer if you will, a detective searching for the truth in every story before the drama begins. I am currently under commission with Blown Fuse Theatre and am a Mercury Theatre Playwright.”

Link to sign up: Verbatim Playwriting Tickets, Wed 19 Jun 2024 at 19:30 | Eventbrite

Published on:
13 Jun 2024


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