#PlaywrightsFlashmob National Event Tuesday 2nd July!

On Tuesday 2nd July between 11am and 2pm there is going to be a national Playwrights Flashmob. (We don’t sing and dance, we write and chat.)

Small teams of playwrights (and other theatre artists) will be stationed at our local theatre cafes, bars or foyers, all over the country. They will be HOSTS –  ready to welcome other playwrights who would like to come and chat or simply work. We want to make connections and kick isolation in the ass. We want to talk about what we’re working on and cook up ideas for a better future. We just want to lurk and write knowing others are writing too.

Of course there will also be a Playwrights Flashmob event happening on Zoom! Hosts TBC but here is a Zoom Link.

I work for a theatre. We want to get involved. What do we do?

Brilliant! Are you able to put together a small team of playwright “hosts” who are connected to you through commission, locality etc. Or other theatre artists?

If so please drop us an email at artistsforartists24@gmail.com with Yes to Flashmob in the subject line and we will add you to our list below.

If not please drop us an email at artistsforartists24@gmail.com with Help with Flashmob team in the subject line and we will get in touch.

Otherwise just make sure there’s a bit of space in the bar / cafe / foyer. Signpost the space,  provide some name labels and pens. It would be amazing if you could do free or discounted tea, coffee or cakes but we don’t need them. If someone from the theatre wants to come and join that would be fab – but not a prerequisite!

Also please shout about it on socials #PlaywrightsFlashmob and #SupportPlaywrights.

I’m a playwright – how do I get involved?

Would you like to be a host? If so contact your local theatre, a theatre you love or are connected with in some way and ask if they are involved. If they’re not, please encourage them and show them this page!

Email us at artistsforartists24@gmail.com with any questions or if you’d like us to help you find a venue.

If you’d just like to come along be part of it check out the list of theatres involved below and on socials using #PlaywrightsFlashmob. We will add to this list continuously. Or you could join on Zoom. Link here.

Royal Court Theatre


Kiln Theatre

Royal Exchange Theatre

Sheffield Theatres

Leeds Playhouse

Watford Palace Theatre


Liverpool Everyman

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Published on:
20 Jun 2024


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