Script Submissions Open at Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

Script Submissions

New Works exists to discover, champion and support new writing in Liverpool. Our annual Open Submissions window is an invitation for writers to introduce themselves to us via their work, and an opportunity for us to begin a conversation.

The submission window for 2024 is open until 11.59pm on Sun 30 Jun 2024.

Submissions are via a short online form, and scripts should be submitted as a PDF or Word document.

Why submit a script?

Open Submissions is one of the key ways that New Works engages with local talent. Possible outcomes from your submission might be:

· written feedback
· dramaturgical support from our New Works Associate
· free space to workshop and share your work

Whilst it’s very rare for a play to be programmed directly from the Open Submissions process, it can be the beginning of a relationship that starts the journey to our stage.

What are we looking for?

We’re committed to thrilling, big-hearted, forward-thinking theatre that responds to its time and place, ignites the imagination and wrestles with the knotty, complicated business of being human.

That can take many different forms, which means there’s a huge variety of things that might excite us in a play or a writer – what’s important is clarity of intent. We should be able to read your work and really get a sense of who you are as an artist, and what’s energising you.

We’re looking for writers who:

· have a story that they passionately want to tell, and that demands to be told in a theatre;
· showcase an original voice, and an aptitude for emotionally and intellectually stimulating narrative, vibrant characters and a distinct outlook on the world; and
· are dedicated to staking their claim as a playwright in this city, showing a rigorous attention to detail in their work.

To more information head over to: Script Submissions | New Works (

Published on:
13 Jun 2024


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