Wellbeing in the Arts Host Preventing Burnout Workshop

Burnout is defined as ‘a state of physical and emotional exhaustion’, and presents with a number of symptoms including loss of motivation, irritation, anxiety, headaches, having trouble sleeping, a sense of helplessness, and feeling overwhelmed.

In this online workshop, certified trauma-informed stress & nervous system coach Laura Fowler-Watt will share her own journey of recovery from burnout and provide some tangible tools for grounding, self-regulation, prevention, and recovery.

Laura helps people who are struggling with the effects of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm to reconnect with the incredible wisdom of their body and emotions so that they can cultivate balance, build resilience to stress, and feel empowered to live a life that is fulfilling and aligned with their most authentic self.

Having worked closely with creatives, Laura completely understands and empathises with the challenges that can be faced and this workshop will provide hope and support to anyone who might need it.

More information about Laura and her work can be found on her website: www.lfwcoaching.com or on her Instagram page: @lfwcoaching.

The session will take place at 7pm on Monday 24th June and last for one hour.

Tickets to this event are £3.50 each.

Once you have booked your space, a zoom link to the event will be emailed to you within 72 hours.

The session will be recorded, so if you would like to attend but cannot make the live event, please do still book a ticket and we will send you a recording within 48 hours of the event finishing.

To find out more and book: Preventing Burnout | Wellbeing In The Arts

Published on:
13 Jun 2024


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