Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting 2022 – Rules and Criteria in BSL

With great thanks to Marcel Hirschman

NRCPD Registered Sign Language Translator ID: 101431X

Note: To those using a screen reader this video has no audio but outlines the rules of the Bruntwood prize in British Sign Language



Published on:
20 Mar 2017


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  1. I am writing an original musical that uses my original translations of songs of a Czechoslovakian poet and singer Karel Kryl (1969). Would this be acceptable to submit at a piece?

    Thank you in advance for answering.

    by Michal Vojtech
    8:05 pm, 4 Apr 2022
    1. Hi Michal

      I’m so sorry- this comment was trapped in the website spam filter!

      I’m afraid that we need all writers to own the rights to their full script. If the original poems and songs are still in copyright and owned by Karel Kryl you would need permission from his estate.

      I hope that’s helpful

      Chloe Smith
      Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator

      by Chloe Smith
      4:21 pm, 4 May 2022