ENTRY FAQ- Can I include music? (short answer- yes!)

The Bruntwood Prize cannot accept full musicals, however if your script demands passages of music then please do indicate this within the script in a format of your choosing. 

We aspire to produce all winning scripts and don’t have the capacity or expertise to read and develop full new musicals at this time. However we can accept plays with music (original or well known)

You do not need to secure the music rights for performance for songs indicated in your script, and Bruntwood Prize winning plays such as ROLLING STONE by Chris Urch and WISH LIST by Katherine Soper have both included passages of very well known music.  


You can find all our Frequently Asked questions here: https://www.writeaplay.co.uk/how-do-i-enter/#section-faqs

You can also email the Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator at bruntwood.prize@royalexchange.co.uk. All answers within 24 hours (within office hours) or sooner 

Published on:
18 May 2022


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