ENTRY FAQ- What’s the difference between professional and amateur?

We ask that anyone submitting a script to exclusively own and control all copyright and all other related rights to their work.

As we aspire to produce winning scripts- the submitted play must be available for production and unattached to any other theatre or company. Any scripts that have been professionally optioned, produced or published will be disqualified. However- amateur performances do not apply.

But what is the difference between professional and amateur here? Unproduced means the play cannot have received a professional production in any form, anywhere in the world, EXCLUDING up to two professional rehearsed readings.

However- a winning script can have been produced in an amateur way- as long as you still hold all creative rights.

If you are uncertain as to whether your production was amateur or professional- generally the deciding factor is whether the script was self produced or was attached to a professional producer. For example- a production you sold tickets for, but self produced is amateur for the purposes of the Prize. 


You can find all our Frequently Asked questions here: https://www.writeaplay.co.uk/how-do-i-enter/#section-faqs

You can also email the Bruntwood Prize Co-ordinator at bruntwood.prize@royalexchange.co.uk. All answers within 24 hours (within office hours) or sooner 

Published on:
27 May 2022


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