The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting is the UK’s biggest national competition for playwriting. It is the search for great new plays and great writers. We look for scripts that are original and unperformed, by writers of any experience.

I love this play, it’s a such radical mix of ancient and modern, old traditions colliding with brand new technology. And for a piece which could sound experimental – it’s got a robot nun! – the writing is actually tender, honest and insightful. It’s a beautiful examination of faith, no matter what you believe in. Judge Russell T. Davies- ELECTRIC ROSARY
At the Exchange we have always championed new writing so we cannot wait to bring Tim Foley’s Bruntwood play about robots and nuns to the stage...This programme is about everyone finding something for themselves, it smashes together the old and the new so that we make something fresh that is reflective and relevant to our world today Bryony Shanahan, Roy Alexander Weise
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