King Brown
Laurie Nunn

1973, Australia, the outskirts of Melbourne. Twelve year-old Lee is living with her grandmother, brother and uncle in Honor Park, a forgotten suburb at the end of the train tracks. In the midst of a searing heat wave her father returns home following a long absence. The return of the patriarch will force Lee’s family to confront its legacy of abuse. King Brown is a visceral exploration of inherited dysfunction and toxic masculinity.

‘It’s like hell on earth. Makes you think we ain’t supposed to live here. Humans, I mean. When the ground is tinder-dry like this, all you need is one spark and we’re up in flames. I’ve seen the sky rain ash. Looked like snow, or what I imagine snow would look like’.

Laurie was born in London and grew up in Victoria, Australia. She studied writing and directing at the VCA school of Film and TV in Melbourne. She then moved back to the UK to complete an MA in screenwriting at the National Film and Television School. Since graduating in 2012, she has developed original projects with Eleven Film/Channel 4, Kudos Film and Television, Wigwam Films and Revolution Films. Her feature film script ‘The Summer House’ is in development at Bird Flight Films.

‘King Brown’ is her first full play.