Abhishek Majumdar -Writing the Personal, Political and Philosophical

Live from India- Jawaharla Nehru in Delhi 
8 April, 1.30-3.30pm BST

ABHISHEK MAJUMDAR on Writing the Personal, Political and Philosophical

The workshop will give an overview of different concepts and ideas that have engaged playwrights in the Indian Subcontinent over the years. The workshop will not delineate ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ or ‘eastern’ and ‘western’, or engage in any such narrow binaries and will look at playwriting more comprehensively and encourage a discourse that is contextually situated in Indian socio-cultural and political climate rather than essentializing ‘Indian’ playwriting as a form.

Check out the live stream workshop schedule and archive here

Abhishek Majumdar is a playwright and theatre director based in Bangalore, India. He is the artistic director of the Indian Ensemble. His plays have been performed both nationally and internationally. Majumdar has trained in Delhi, Pondicherry, and Bangalore. He also is an alumnus of the London International School of Performing Arts. Abhishek Majumdar has received the Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship, the Inlaks Scholarship, the Lispa Scholarship, and the Robert Bosch Arts Grant. He is a member of the Young Vic Director’s network, London and was at the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab in 2012.

Published on:
22 Feb 2017


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