A Bit of Light
Rebecca Callard

A BIT OF LIGHT by Rebecca Callard

I love that people might be thinking you’re my mum. You could be my mum.

Ella, at forty, is moving into her dad’s spare room with a futon and not much else. Desperately grieving the separation from her children, she meets Neil, a profound and disparate teenager who refuses to see Ella the way she sees herself and offers her the hope she thinks is lost.

Rebecca Callard began acting as a child and has worked in theatre, television and radio. Her latest project is the Detectorists series 3, due for transmission in November. Her theatre credits include Celia in As You Like It for Peter Hall, Blindsided, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. She has also performed in Bruntwood Prize winner WINTERLONG by Andrew Sheridan. Recent TV appearances include Fearless and Ordinary Lies.
A Bit if Light is Rebecca’s first play


Rebecca won a Commendation- a new category created for the 2017 Awards. Writers who receive a Commendation win £4,000 and the opportunity for a rehearsed industry reading in London.