Tim X Atack

Joni K arrives at your house. She’s paid to stay in your home, through a website. But upon walking into your spare room, Joni tells you: I grew up here. This was once my bedroom. And it’s creepy, sure… but Joni’s funny, and young, and vivacious. You and your partner have been arguing constantly, the night is already looking dark and long – so how could things get any worse?


I got to take you back. Make a big slice in the night, step over the road like this. Remember what you are, when bloomed. All your roots in a different mud now. Different thing.

Tim is a writer and composer, based in Bristol. His stage plays include The Bullet And The Bass Trombone, Dark Land Light House and The Morpeth Carol, adapted for BBC Radio 4 and winner of  best drama a the 2014 Radio Academy Awards. His radio series The Stroma Sessions was nominated for the Tinniswood Award for Best Audio Drama Script in the 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards. He was previously a finalist of the Red Planet prize and was selected for the Channel 4 screenwriting scheme. Under the name of Sleepdogs he collaborates with theatre director Tanuja Amarasuriya, and has written and scored all their shows to date. He is currently sound designing Chris Goode’s adaptation of Derek Jarman’s Jubilee at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre.