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Kitty my hands have disappeared


Every Wednesday evening, Jimmy calls Kitty. For precisely nine minutes. At £1.20 a minute.

Jimmy is 34, lives with his mum and works at Newport’s only drive-through doughnut restaurant. Kitty is an adult chat line operator, living in the granny flat of a topiary enthusiast. Things were looking up for Jimmy when he met Kitty for the first time, but then he loses his job and starts to feel a strange tingling in his fingers. Kitty’s not a psychologist yet, but she has some theories about why Jimmy has started to disappear.

With Kitty’s advice and Jimmy trying to reconcile himself to eventual invisibility, this unlikely duo succeed in turning each other’s world upside down.

Winner of the Judges’ Award in the 2015 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting, HOW MY LIGHT IS SPENT is a funny, hopeful play about loneliness, longing and being left behind.

Observer Monday director Nicole Morris has been based in the HMLIS rehearsals and has been reporting on the process on the Royal Exchange Theatre website here;

How My Light Is Spent

24 April–13 May 2017

From £10.00
Published on:
25 Apr 2017


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