Bruntwood Top 100 Announced

Since the deadline on 5 June when we were delighted and overwhelmed to receive 1,938 submissions, a team of dedicated and experienced readers have been looking at the work, discussing it, arguing over it and passionately advocating for it. Each script has been given the dedicated time and attention it deserves and the readers are acutely aware of the time, effort and determination it takes to complete a script and the bravery it takes to submit it to the Prize. The readers have consisted of directors, dramaturgs, literary managers, actors, designers, literary agents, critics and previous winners. It has been exciting to see readers get excited by the work.

This is a difficult part of the process. This is a Prize. Which means it is “competitive”. Which means there is a selection process. While it would be wonderful to find ways to support everyone who has submitted their work, we simply do not have the resources to do that. Which is why we continue to offer opportunities and other support through the website. We do appreciate how much it takes to complete a script and submit it to the Prize and we want to find other ways to support everyone out there away from the very intense process of the Prize.

Below is the Longlist of 100 scripts. Each of these plays has been read by at least 4 distinct and different readers – through the process we endeavour to give each script to a different reader to ensure a variety of viewpoints. Some of these scripts will have been read by more readers. Each of these scripts will receive feedback on their work before the end of the year.

We want to offer a heartfelt congratulations to everyone on this list, whoever you are, wherever you are, for taking the time to submit this exciting piece of work and we hope it deservedly finds a home.

THE LONGLIST (in alphabetical order) 

Play Title Pseudonym
6EQUJ5 Aaron Lichman
#Bros Jolene Ransom Hutcheson
A Gradual Loss of Control Tom Bray
A Joint Venture Kalice Quinn
A-Bomb on Broadway Alex Lee
Abandoned Land Sam Tate
All in a row Ross Johnston
All These Maybes Eoghan Corrigan
Amazingly Blue Gina Braithewaite
Any Friend of My Father Nikolas Drebble
Aquarium Matthew Taffin
AT ONCE Ellie Kharms
Better Together Bryceland Laurenso
Bitterweed Amira Kojak
BLESSED Stanley Saurus
BU21 Lev
But I Don’t Like Girls Geoffrey McNamara
Capital Stuart Goddard
Checked for Defects Erica Morley
ChildMinder Munkion
City Melodies Tweety1973
Cosmos Lucy Jukes
Death Pledge Mo Ney
Dickless Zoe Harvest
Drown Your Empty Selves Creeping Jenny
Durable Blue Bags Harrison Soto
fallow field Alice Stephenson
Girl Walks Into A Bar Carlos Valderrama
Good Number Ma Rainey
Halflings Alfred Hennessy
Happy Andy Tonkin
Haunts Tom Dekker
Hiraeth Annie Garratt
How My Light Is Spent Lucy Weir
I’m Freddy X-Ray Raffy
IED Iain Maginnis
I VOW TO THEE Annandale
In a Town Somewhere North of Milton Keynes Margaret Jaconelli
Isaac Came Home from the Mountain Swifty Wainwright
Jonestown Droopy Tutu
Madra Elizabeth Martha
Maidan V.Rotaru
Mona’s Room Ella J Baldwin
Muscle Memory Bruno Shaduwa
Near Life Imogen Brian
No Flag Evelyn Bond
No Laughing Matter L. J. Keeley
No Man Stands Alone Fortune Kossoko
Obscenities PWG Parker
On The Out T.Monk
Ordinary Perverts C M Goss
Parliament Square Penelope Pitstop
PEACOCKS Esher Farron
Porcelain Clara Codd
Proof of Person Alexander Serrelli
Prophecy Mary Rose
Rails Sam Moore
Saint Jude Danny Liffey
Sanctioned Miss Gruntled
Screaming Heart Curtis Beresford
Sihanoukville Gong Li
Shakes the Sky Emma Roberts
Shangri-La Jederfrau
Skin Like Butter Bootlegger
Skipping Rope Simon Bray
Skydepth Dae Sung-Xi
Smithereens Theo Tenan
Snowangel Arthur Winston
Some Speciman J.M.Pearse
Someone With A Naturally Cheery Disposition Sought Brizzard Mary
Sound of Silence Tim Buktu
Spiders Billie Morrissey
St Jowan’s Tide Kolya Krugsy
Stains on our Skin R Z Miranda
Sucking on Tramps Ben Bush
Sunshine Happy Planet
Sweet Rockall Jack Fisher
Tabs Lucy Tratalos
tain’t me Shamba Kahoon
Terrors Jimi Redding
The Almighty Sometimes Emma Lewis
The Blue Hours Abehn
The Disappeared Shane Bentley
The House of My Father Mona Cactus
The Jellyfish Gabrielle Solis
The Life of Cardboard Xander Stockton
The Lotus Eaters Robert Batty
The Mercy Yolanda Nathan
The Pensioners Car
There is a Noise Brenda The Tiny Toad
This is Jihad Daniel Lee
This is not the Title T.A.Woodson
This is Real Life Rabbitgurl
Tigers Tigers
Wheatsheaf Joney Ong
Wild is De Wind Oki Ma
Wish List J Moscow
Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children Odessa Kilkenny


A new team of 12 readers are now looking at this work to identify the shortlist of ten scripts that will go to the judges. The shortlist will be announced on 30 October.

Published on:
30 Sep 2015


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