Digital Toolkit round up

Over the last few weeks the Toolkit series 2 has explored one topic, our move to online spaces under the strictures of lockdown.

We’ve all come to working, socializing and attending the theatre online via different routes- but whether you have been working in multimedia for years, or strongly dislike the temporary requirement to move into online spaces we hope you’ve found something useful for your writing. 

We’ve all been looking at ways to write for a digital outcome, and the tools and techniques you might use. In our Toolkit Series two, some brilliant writers have offered insights, reflection, tasks and guidance on how you might go about writing for audiences online, and how you can use digital resources to tell stories.






If you’d like to read more- I’ve dug deep into our archive and the below might be helpful if you’re looking to think more on writing for a digital outcome 


Published on:
23 Mar 2021


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