ELECTRIC ROSARY can be seen on the Royal Exchange Manchester’s Main Stage from 23 Apr – 14 May 2022.


by Tim Foley, directed by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

23 APRIL 2022 – 14 MAY 2022

Winner of the 2017 Bruntwood Prize Judges’ Award Tim Foley’s ELECTRIC ROSARY can be seen on the Royal Exchange Manchester’s Main stage from 23 Apr – 14 May 2022.

Behind the crumbling walls of St Grace’s Convent, an exhausted order of nuns needs resurrecting. As Easter approaches, Mother Elizabeth has just the thing. Behold ‘Mary’, a council-funded robot. Practical and surprisingly funny, for some a blessing, for others a curse – could she be the revelation they have all been praying for?

Bruntwood Prize Judges’ Award winner Tim Foley’s miraculous new play is sharp, timely and gloriously funny and brings nuns and robots together on the Royal Exchange stage for the first time. ELECTRIC ROSARY asks what faith really means in the age of artificial intelligence and what it is to be human in tomorrow’s world.

The play is a funny and moving exploration of faith and humanity. The Sisters of St Grace are dwindling in numbers, divine inspiration is at an all-time low and a council-funded robot-nun has just been invited to join their convent. Set in a time where nuns are scarce and robots are commonplace, this new play explores how artificial intelligence influences what we choose to believe in. Directed by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart (CIVILISATION, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS) ELECTRIC ROSARY sees the world of prayers and hymns collide with that of glitching and binary. Sharply funny, Tim Foley’s (ASTRONAUTS OF HARTLEPOOL) acutely observed play places questions of faith, spirituality and humanity alongside technological advancement and a robotic future.


2017 Prize judge Russell T Davies said…. “I love this play, it’s a such radical mix of ancient and modern, old traditions colliding with brand new technology. And for a piece which could sound experimental – it’s got a robot nun! – the writing is actually tender, honest and insightful. It’s a beautiful examination of faith, no matter what you believe in.”


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Published on:
21 Jan 2022


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