10 Minute Play festival- Oxford Mississippi USA

Theatre Oxford’s annual 10-Minute Play Festival draws new works from all over the world. The grand prize is $1,000 plus production in arts-loving Oxford Mississippi, a town beloved for its literary history.

Submission fee: $10 (U.S. dollars).

Deadline: May 15


Grand prize: $1,000 and production of the winning script

Second prize: $250

Third Prize: $100



  • Only original plays, never before produced, are eligible.
  • The play, exclusive of title and cast pages, may be no more than 10 pages.
  • Play should have 2-4 characters and minimal props and costumes.
  • Authors may submit multiple plays, but each play submitted must be accompanied by an entry fee.
  • Assemble script as follows:
    • First page: Title, cast of characters, time and place information.
    • Second page: First page of the script. The other pages of the play follow.
    • NAME OF THE PLAY AND PAGE NUMBERS ON EVERY PAGE, starting with the first page of the script.
  • All authors agree to permit Theatre Oxford to produce their contest-entry play if the theater should wish to do so. Authors retain copyright and full ownership of their plays.

All plays are judged blind. Five finalists will be chosen; only they will be notified of judging results.



Published on:
30 Apr 2019


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