Old Vic 12- Free workshops

The Old Vic 12 are a company of some of the most exciting theatre talent across writing, directing, producing, composition, movement and design. Selected from over 1,000 applicants, they will spend a year working with The Old Vic to develop three bold new plays

Four members of The Old Vic 12 are also hosting free workshops. These events will give entry level artists the chance to explore different disciplines within the theatre industry. Participants must be 16+.


London Theatre Ecology – Where do me and my work fit in?

With: Daisy Hale
When: Wed 22 May, 10am–12pm
Where: Fire Room at Toynbee Studios, E1 6AB
For: Theatre-Makers, writers, directors, producers and theatre artists of any other discipline

There are about 230 theatres in London, and they are all different, so it can be hard to know where you and your work fit. Where should you take your best ideas? Gain a greater understanding of London theatre venues, programming, financial structures, support, scale and how all these venues sit alongside one another in this practical workshop led by producer, Daisy Hale.

Limited to one ticket per booking.



What’s The Story? – Finding your voice as a director

With: Sarah Meadows
When: Wed 22 May, 12.30pm–2.30pm
Where: Fire Room at Toynbee Studios, E1 6AB
For: Early career directors

Identities shape the way we tell stories and having an understanding of them means we can utilise our power. Join director, Sarah Meadows in this practical workshop designed to tap into individual imagination and unlock your own unique voice. You will then apply this knowledge to direct a short scene. Be prepared to direct, act and think big.

Limited to one ticket per booking.



Creating Space for Black Artists

With: Emma Dennis Edwards
When: Wed 22 May, 3pm–5pm
Where: Fire Room at Toynbee Studios, E1 6AB
For:  Theatre makers and playwrights from Black* backgrounds

*Black meaning people of African and/or Caribbean heritage

Writer and performer Emma Dennis-Edwards is creating a safe space for Black Theatre Makers to come together to explore and discover ways to create work that is representative of Black communities and personal stories without compromising cultural and artistic values.



Making The First Move – How to embrace and utilise your first movement session

With: Natasha Harrison
When: Wed 22 May, 5.30pm-7.30pm
Where: Fire Room at Toynbee Studios, E1 6AB
For: Aspiring movement directors

This workshop looks specifically at The First Session when working as a Movement Director on a piece of theatre. Natasha will guide you through a process, looking specifically at how to build an effective ensemble, explore the world of the piece using the text and creating a movement language together.

Limited to one ticket per booking



Published on:
13 May 2019


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