1525 Fantasy-IRL: Creating with Intention

Thu 15 Dec, 5pm–7pm


Free. Limited capacity.


This event will run over Zoom, a link will be shared by email once a booking is made.

Live AI Captions will be available. Rest breaks will be included.

Come and take part in a relaxed discussion space where we will explore how tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) can inform our creative and story-telling practices.

We’ll be using some existing TTRPG safety tools to look at how we can better prioritise collective care, whether we’re building new worlds or taking part in other collaborative creative projects.

We’ll be thinking about the need for mindfulness and respect as we bring our real selves into these spaces, and the importance of doing our best not to reproduce oppressions.

There will also be creative exercises encouraging us to think about how we experience being present in this world, the beauty we can find in it, and how we can be playful with both of these things in our own story-telling and world building.

No creative writing or TTRPG experience necessary!

This workshop is aimed at young people aged 18-30 however other people outside this age bracket are welcome to attend. Please note the event is 18+


AJ (they/them) is a Black and queer multi-disciplinary artist, story-teller, and event producer. Their current works explore the metaphysical, surreal, nature, and imagination, all in relation to conceptions of being, feeling, and our infinite evolution. They are also a Game Master (GM) and keen player of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). They revel in the collaborative creation of new settings and worlds, and the fun and joy amongst friends that this hobby facilitates. Whilst most of their playthrough experience so far has been with the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e system, they are enjoying finding, engaging with, and creating alternative systems and mechanics.



Published on:
7 Dec 2022


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