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The theatre + performance industry has been severely affected by coronavirus. Many theatre makers + theatre workers have been left stranded without employment + without financial support.

This fund aims to provide micro-grants of £200 to any individual maker or worker in live performance who has been ineligible for the Self Employed Scheme + unsuccessful in getting ACE Emergency Funding.

Designer Bethany Wells has designed a Terrible Rage black canvas bag inspired by the line in Escaped Alone, Caryl Churchill, 2016 (with permission of Caryl and her publisher, Nick Hern Books). Donors will receive 1 x Terrible Rage bag for every multiple of £20 donated.

They have currently distributed £6800 in grants and  have 45 artists on the waiting list.

Financial support of the arts + freelance artists is critical at this time, to ensure artists are able to remain in the profession post-corona, and to ensure that venues can open again. Whether we make a cultural argument for the arts, or an economic one, it’s clear that a thriving, diverse artistic scene in the UK is something really worth fighting for. Here’s James Graham on Question Time speaking about the difference between a ‘bailout’ and investment in the arts.

A £200 one-off grant is not the answer to months of cancelled work; but this fund is helping struggling artists feel supported, helping to cover essential bills or fund a small amount of their creative time.

Published on:
6 Jul 2020


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