2019 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition

Langham Court Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia is calling on playwrights worldwide to submit a play for their inaugural 2019 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition. They are requesting new 90 – 120 minute plays based on the risk theatre model of tragedy which speaks to contemporary audiences. For more information on what they mean by ‘Risk Theatre’ please go to http://risktheatre.com/

There are cash prizes of $8000 for the winner and four $500 prizes for the runners-up (total $10,000). The winning playwright will receive a travel stipend of up to $1000 to help offset the costs of travelling to Victoria for a professionally led workshop culminating in a staged reading before an audience including invited British Columbia theatre producers at Langham Court Theatre. At the discretion of Langham Court Theatre, the play could be fully produced during the following season as a special event.



Each entry will cost $45. Entrants can ask for a 300 to 500 word written critique from a Juror, for an additional $50.*

Playwrights may submit more than one script, but each script must be accompanied by a separate entry fee and entry form.

The Competition is open to writers of any nationality BUT all entries must be written in English.

The script must be original. Adaptations of other works will not be accepted with two exceptions: 1) adaptation of works that are in the public domain will be accepted; for instance, a contemporary adaptation of a classic Greek tragedy; 2) adaptation of works to which the author holds sole copyright will be accepted; for instance, a short story written by the author at an earlier time.

Scripts that have been simultaneously entered in other playwriting competitions are NOT eligible.

Scripts that have won other playwriting competitions are NOT eligible.

Scripts that have gone through a workshop or been given public reading ARE eligible.

Scripts that have been professionally produced at the time of submission are NOT eligible. Any public performance for which production members have been paid beyond a token honorarium will be considered a professional production.

Scripts which have been commissioned are NOT eligible.



Electronic submissions only will be accepted until midnight, March 29, 2019 Pacific Standard Time (PST) .

The winners will be announced on the Competition website on May 31, 2019 .

The workshop will take place within three months of the announcement.


To submit a script and for full information on script formatting to apply please go to http://risktheatre.com/guidelines/

Published on:
7 Jun 2018


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