London Playwrights blog- WrAP2023.

The brilliant London Playwrights blog is brings back their Write A Play programme in January 2023.

With daily writing prompts to guide you through every step of the way, you can write a whole first draft in the month of January.

This time, they’ll also be ramping things up with weekly podcasts and videos- including a free Zoom session on 7th December where you can ask any questions you might have and get some inspiration ready for #WrAP2023- Book your place here. 

When you sign up, you receive emails throughout the month which guide you through the process of writing a play – from finding inspiration for your initial idea, to building a structure, to creating characters. The idea is to complete a first draft of a play in the month of January.

They’ll also be opening their 2023 submission window next summer in which you can share your plays


Write A Play in January. WrAP is back for 2023!

Published on:
29 Nov 2022


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