A scratch night for Hull writers

Launched in 2020, Out Loud is a new scratch night for writers in Hull to see and hear their scripts performed by professional actors in front of a friendly audience for the first time. The night is a collaboration between Middle Child and Silent Uproar, kindly supported by Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s Split Infinitive Trust.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak they’ve teamed up with BBC Radio Humberside and have repurposed Out Loud to work digitally, being streamed as part of Joe Hakim’s Culture Night. With that in mind, they’re asking Hull and East Riding based writers to submit scripts that they think are well suited to the radio. Anything goes in terms of form but due to broadcast regulations scripts must not include swearing or heavy adult content. Aside from these considerations they are particularly interested in seeing stories about Hull and the north, with space for four 10-15 minute scripts at each event.

Middle Child and Silent Uproar will read all entered scripts with writer’s names removed, then choose four and cast local, paid actors to pre-record them.

Middle Child artistic director, Paul Smith, and Silent Uproar artistic director, Alex Mitchell, plus two more guest directors will work with actors during a day of rehearsals.

That means as a chosen writer you can simply tune into the sharing and see your work brought to life with a ‘fresh’ set of eyes and ears. Writers will also receive a fee of £50.


10am Monday 3 August 2020.



Published on:
29 May 2020


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