Access Fund North- for disabled artists and disabled-led organisations

ARC Stockton is delighted to announce the pilot phase of a brand new funding scheme providing disabled artists and disabled-led organisations with access support. Access Fund North will provide support for disabled people to attend a range of events where organisers may not be in a position to provide access for budgetary reasons.

Disabled artists will be able to apply for access support to attend both online and real-world events. This support could pay for access including notetakers, BSL interpreters, support workers and live captioners or palantypists at the events, and can be for one off events or a short series of events.

With funding from Arts Council England, ARC has worked in partnership with disabled-led organisation Little Cog to develop the fund and has consulted disabled artists on making the fund itself as accessible as possible to apply to. This will be kept under review as we progress the pilot scheme.


  • To apply you must be a disabled artist based in the North East, North West or Yorkshire,
  • The event must be run by a group who have little or no funding, on the basis of being an independent or unfunded group, organisation or network,
  • Attending the event must benefit your development, your work or your career in some way.


31 March 2022, although events can extend beyond that date. Decision turnaround is expected to be five days.

Published on:
15 Feb 2022
Opportunity deadline:
31 Mar 2022


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