Agent Feedback Opportunity for LQBTQIA+ Writers!

From Friday 3 May, we’ll be accepting submissions of literary fiction, commercial fiction including historical, crime and thriller fiction, romance fiction and non-fiction for a maximum of 4 short feedback sessions from Andrew James, literary agent and founder of FROG Literary Agency.

Andrew is offering to provide short feedback sessions by phone or video call on up to 4 submissions from LGBTQIA+ writers from underrepresented backgrounds based in the UK.

He is looking for: stories with a trans protagonist across literary, commercial and romance; historical fiction with queer characters; stories about the impact of Section 28; stories that explore the complexity of gay lives that are not solely focussed on sex or AIDS; queer romance; experimental and inventive literary fiction; anything that takes an existing heteronormative trope/genre/story and queers it up.

In non-fiction, he is specifically looking for: narrative non-fiction; books by and for asexual, demisexual and pansexual people; ideas on the future of LGBTQIA+ rights/identities; lesbian memoir and anthologies; and hard-hitting books about gender identity.

You’re eligible to apply if you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community* based in the UK, are un-agented and unpublished, and also from one or more backgrounds underrepresented in publishing.

To find out more and apply, visit: Submissions Call-out: Applications are open to LGBTQIA+ writers for 1-2-1 feedback from FROG Literary Agency – Spread the Word

Published on:
20 May 2024


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