Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Centre- call for stories from Greater Manchester

Is your experience during COVID-19 represented?

Are your stories missing?

We are living through an unprecedented period in our history with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Coronavirus has had an impact on how we work and interact with each other as well as how we live and die. Archives and the stories captured and preserved within them have a central role in recording these exceptional times.

The mission at the Manchester AIU RACE Centre is to make BAME history, heritage and culture more visible. Historical accounts from BAME communities using their own words are not equally represented in the public record, and are at risk of loss. They therefore work to collect these stories, documents, records and materials.


The COVID-19 pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on BAME communities. To ensure this is captured for future researchers, educators and commentators and that our collective national history represents all our communities, the Centre are launching a campaign to collect stories from Greater Manchester’s BAME communities.

They won’t shy away from the difficult and uncomfortable stories the pandemic has exposed. They will collect records, stories and articles that demonstrate how racism – structural, institutional and interpersonal – still exists today but is being erased by our national story being largely told by the privileged few. They will take an intersectional approach, seeking to collect the stories of everyone within our BAME communities.

They invite you to share your experiences, reflections and responses about the pandemic. They will collect records of all kinds, though recognise much will be born digital (i.e created in a digital format only). Please send us videos, photos, screenshots, newspaper articles, blogs, creative projects, journals and diaries – anything you think tells the story of you and your community during the COVID-19 pandemicPlease be mindful of including the thoughts and personal details of other people without their permission – always ask first.

COVID-19 Collecting

Published on:
3 Jun 2020


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