Airlock Theatre seeking applications

Have an idea for a new play and not sure what to do with it? Had a successful scene shown at a scratch night but struggling with what the full play is? Have the seed of a concept but need some help to flesh it out? Come and sound out your ideas with SONAR.

They’re looking for early stage concepts of new plays that are yet to have a full script written.

They’re offering one playwright

  • Thoughts on your fledgling play from the AIRLOCK team and a meeting to bounce ideas around.
  • A development workshop for your concept with actors, to help generate material and stimulate your writing
  • Ongoing encouragement, support, and responses as your full script comes together!
  • The ten shortlisted applications will get detailed feedback from the AIRLOCK team.
  • They encourage anyone to apply but are particularly interested in getting ideas from and/or about LGBTQIA+ people, regardless of whether queerness manifests in the work.

Please send an application including: 

  • A description of your idea. This may refer to your current thoughts on plot, characters, style and themes, or the big questions that you want to tackle with the piece. This should be about half a page, but if that’s too much and its a very fledgling idea then no problem!

  • A short bio about you, what kind of theatre you’re passionate about, and what you hope to get out of SONAR.

  • Maximum 5 pages of your writing. If you have some script for the specific idea you’re applying with, please send that, even if you feel it’s not your best writing. If you are yet to write any of the script, please send us an extract of your writing (ideally theatre, but could be other work).


Deadline: 22nd October.

Workshop: Tuesday 5th November.

In London. This can be daytime or evening depending on your work schedule.

Published on:
30 Sep 2019


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