Apples and Snakes- The Writing Room Showcase

Tuesday 14 Jan, 6.30-8.15pm

Free Word
60 Farringdon Rd, Farringdon, London EC1R 3GA

Free but limited.

An opportunity to listen to the voices of a group of amazing young poets! Led this year by poet and powerhouse Jacob Sam-La Rose, The Writing Room is Apples and Snakes’ foremost skills development programme for young, developing poets.

Over the course of six workshops, participants have honed their craft under his skilled guidance. This is their showcase, a chance for them to share their work. It’s an opportunity for you to listen to the voices of a group of amazing young poets. Featuring Kathryn Blair, Kirsten Brown, Rachel Cleverly, Timotei Cobeanu, Rianna Davis, Persephone Deacon, George Duggan, Oli Isaac, Christy Ku, Sarah Lasoye, Rachel Lewis, Laurie Ogden, Maya Owen, Kira Pearse, Lauren Ranson, Kajol Runwal, Mayura Uthayakumaran, Elliot Waloschek and Elspeth Wilson.

Published on:
18 Dec 2019


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