Applications open for £5,000 artist Bursary

The Maurice O’Connell Bursary, worth £5,000, is being given to commemorate the unique spirit of Maurice O’Connell, an Irish artist who lived and worked in Ireland, Northumberland and Cornwall. Maurice brought humour and creativity together in a body of work which was distinctive for its engagement with non-professional participants. The bursary is to help an artist from any discipline to enhance or develop their skills in drawing participants into highly creative projects as Maurice did for so many people.


  • You must be a professional artist who has lived and worked for at least three years in either the Republic of Ireland, Cornwall or Northumberland during the last ten years.
  • Your work can be in any discipline.
  • Your proposal must be for a project that in some way allows you time to explore and develop an idea or a way of working that captures Maurice O’Connell’s spirit. The proposal should have participation and/or interaction with people at its heart. It might see you being attached to an organisation in some way, interacting with staff or visitors. Or may explore a theme or set of issues with a particular group of people you are keen to work with or engage.
  • We will not support proposals that focus on educational training or the purchase of large capital items though you may include the purchase of smaller essential items.
  • Your project can take place anywhere in the world. The bursary is in sterling and will be converted to euro if required, at the prevailing rate of exchange.
  • Your project budget is not limited to £5,000 if you can find additional funds from elsewhere. The project budget submitted to November Club should show the entire cost of your project.
  • As part of your project you should allow the cost of documentation so that you can tell us and others about what you learned and how you went about it.


Monday 18 November at 5pm.

Published on:
10 Oct 2019


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