Thursday 11 March 2021


MIF hosts regular drop-in sessions on Zoom where artists and creatives can come together to share experiences and ideas during lockdown. The drop-ins are free, and all artists and creatives are welcome.

March’s Drop-in is by award-winning theatre-maker, writer and director Natalia Kaliada, the co-founding Artistic Director of Belarus Free Theatre (BFT).

Natalia is an internationally renowned diplomat and human rights campaigner who has pioneered a unique method of transversal lobbying and campaigning, uniting artistic, geopolitical, environmental and human rights concerns to bring about systematic change. Forced to leave her home in Minsk for her work as a political campaigner and for BFT, the only theatre in Europe banned by its government on political grounds, Natalia sought asylum in 2011 in the UK, where she is now a political refugee.

Working alongside We Remember Foundation and Free Belarus Now, Natalia took part in high-profile negotiations with Hillary Clinton and William Hague, focused on targeted economic sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko and others responsible for the repression of the Belarusian people; and originated the Global Artistic Campaign Free Belarus, which has received the support of numerous leading artists and politicians. She has hosted masterclasses at numerous institutions, and has received two Meritorious Honour Awards for Personal Bravery and Courage from the US State Department. Join her, and us, for what’s sure to be an enthralling discussion.


Published on:
11 Mar 2021


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