Arvon- new courses and grants for 2020

For over fifty years Arvon has three centres, in Devon, Shropshire and Yorkshire. Their residential courses and retreats, led by highly acclaimed writers, span poetry to playwriting, song to screenplay, fact to fiction, starting to finishing – and they offer grants to help with course fees for those who need it.

Arvon offer two types of grants – Low Income Grant and Teachers Grant. If you couldn’t attend an Arvon week without some financial help, they encourage you to apply. You can apply for any amount up to the full course fee, although most receive between £200 and £500. Last year they were able to help more than 90% of all writers who applied.


  • Priority is given to those coming to Arvon for the first time.
  • You may apply for any amount up to the full course fee.
  • The average grant they awarded in 2019 was £400.
  • Grants are only available for those booking a course with tutors, not untutored retreats.
  • They encourage applications from D/deaf and/or Disabled people, and factor in any additional living/support costs when considering your grant


Check out their playwrighting courses here

Published on:
21 Feb 2020


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