At Sea residency programme

The At Sea residency programme aims to provide a quiet, and quietly inspiring, place for writers to concentrate solely on reading, thinking and writing without the distractions and pressures of the everyday. Writing is an endeavour that rewards persistence, time and concentration. At Sea hopes spectacular sunsets, a vibrant seaside culture and, above all, space will help.

If you are under 30 and you write, you are eligible to apply for At Sea. However, the theme of the residency will change each time: the first residency (in November 2018) is open to anyone under 30 who is working on a novel; the second (in March 2019) will be open to anyone under 30 who is working on a play.

You don’t need to be ‘established’ in your writing career, or have been published: they are looking for promising, passionate writers who will relish a week of solitude to devote to their work.



You will have full run of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom Grade-II-listed flat in Margate’s old Fort Lodge hotel, built in 1823. The flat is at the top of a majestic sprial staircase and is filled with hundreds of books for both reference and fun. There is a fully stocked kitchen and you will be provided, of course, with bedding and towels.NB: Unfortunately there is no lift in the building so, regrettably, the residency is not suitable for writers with mobility issues.


As well as having private access to a peaceful seafront apartment, the successful applicant will be given a £250 stipend in cash. This should be enough to cover food for the week, as well as a little local sightseeing for inspiration. If you are travelling to Margate by train, they can also pay £50 towards your train fare.


The inaugural At Sea residency will run from Saturday 17 November 2018 to Sunday 25 November 2018. This first residency is open to novel writers. The second instalment will run from Saturday 9 March 2019 to Sunday 17 March 2019, and will be open to playwrights.

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17 Sep 2018


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