BBC Open Call- until Wed Dec 7th

Rather than accepting scripts year-round, BBC Writersroom has a  distinct submission windows for scripts which are announced on the BBC Writersroom Opportunities page during the year. Each Open Call has a deadline, following which the scripts received are assessed intensively by  script readers and the BBC Writersroom team, and a shortlist drawn up. They then offer various opportunities for the shortlisted group of writers including their Drama Room and Voices development groups.

In the Open Call they accept Drama or Comedy/Drama scripts written for Film, TV, Radio, Stage, Online or Children’s TV/Radio scripts which are a minimum of 30 pages long (excluding title/character pages)


They are NOT looking for projects to commission or produce but instead writers to develop rather than specific projects. They look for what the script tells them about the writer. We see all scripts as a calling card to showcase a writer’s talent, ability, and voice.

We are especially looking for distinctive voices – and scripts that express those voices. It’s not necessarily about finding precincts or situations that have ‘never been done before’ but having an original take on stories that have the potential to have wide breadth of appeal.

We may also consider whether a script has real potential to be developed further towards production. If they believe a script could be developed further by a BBC department, they will send it to them with the writer’s knowledge. Original scripts written “on spec” are produced extremely rarely, and writers should not send them in with the expectation that they will be produced. However, original spec’ scripts are the means by which writers get noticed, so you should always write your script with the same level of commitment as if it were for production.

The next Open Call deadline is Wednesday 7th December 2022 at noon.

Published on:
29 Nov 2022
Opportunity deadline:
07 Dec 2022


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