BBC Sounds blockbuster podcast drama 2019/20 Commissioning Round

BBC Sounds brings together live and on-demand radio, music and podcasts into a single personalised app and website.

There will be a series of time-bound commissioning briefs for BBC Sounds along with a rolling open round.

The target audience for podcasts commissioned by the BBC Sounds commissioning team is people in the UK aged 18-34.


Blockbuster podcast drama 2019/20 Commissioning Round

BBC Sounds wants to commission a high-profile, young adult blockbuster podcast drama which will appeal both to the existing, sophisticated audience for audio fiction podcasts and to new listeners. Tonally, they are also looking for something which has all the hallmarks of the
storytelling trend called “hopepunk”: detailed, diverse characters who are unafraid to be fighting for something, choosing hope even when things are bleak. The idea needs to be fearless in its topical ambition and willing to explore subjects and character interactions that feel fun but risky. Genre fiction epics that are fantasy, science fiction or even a combination of the two are actively encouraged. Above all, it needs to have a lot of heart.
They are particularly keen for the idea to include strong contemporary musical elements which are clever, confident and popular. They would welcome a musical format or a drama wound around song.


Deadline for submission of ‘Short Proposal and Eligibility Questionnaire’ responses

Noon on 28th June


For the full brief and process- including the system with which to submit your 250 word initial brief please go to


Published on:
7 Jun 2019


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