BIPOC + QTIPOC Artists Meet-up

Tue 23 Mar 2021


This event will take place via Zoom, starting at 6pm and finishing around 8:20pm.

The Arc Stockton would like to invite BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour), QTIPOC (queer, trans, and intersex people of colour), and disabled QTIBIPOC to converse in a safe space about issues and needs in the artistic sector, specifically in regards to artistic care, access, wellbeing, and cultivation/development.

This conversation will be facilitated by Symoné, queer black circus artist, performance artist and producer who has recently been appointed one of the Artists of Change with ARC Stockton.

They are particularly interested in connecting with artists based in the North of England. This conversation is for artists in the industry of various backgrounds; i.e. live artists, cabaret artists, circus artists, actors, producers, musicians, designers, writers, directors, dramaturges, choreographers, dancers, and artists that work on and around the stage.

They welcome anyone to bring a sub-topic or question to discuss around care. There will be a space  to speak openly without and a separate space to write notes to keep record and share publicly to venues. For privacy reasons, they will not record these sessions.

They have a few questions below to explore and while they don’t believe they all have answers, they could help support discussion:

How do we show care? How can artists be looked after better?
How do you incorporate care into your own artistic/work practice?
What could a safe space/environment look like?
How do you ask for what you need?
What do artists need right now?


Culture Against Racism & ARC’s BIPOC Meet-Up


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19 Mar 2021


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