Boundless Happenings

A series of stand alone events and interventions launching September #BoundlessHappenings

Boundless are going to instigate a series of digital happenings and interventions from September by hijacking their own website. The ideas will be seeded and driven by young adults in collaboration with Spy Studio. Part of the  website will become a blank canvas where audiences can participate in or discover performance for themselves.

These happenings may last an hour, a day or longer. This is a chance for testing ideas, some of which may succeed whilst others may fail. That’s the beauty of this project! these interventions could start to: formulate future projects, the kernel of a script, a musical score, a characterisation, the context to a set, who knows? Rich, fertile ground for the future.

They are offering two UK artists (or groups of artists) aged 15-25 a commission of £500 to curate a Boundless Happening. Your pitch can be made in any way (words, images, video, audio etc.) and should be highly relevant to young adults, be able to be realised before the end of 2020 and happen exclusively digitally.

The Happening will be fully realised by Boundless and Spy Studio.

Need to Know

  • There will be 6 Boundless Happenings in total, 2 of these are open to applications and the rest are led by the Boundless Advisory Group, Spy Studio and artists invited by Boundless.
  • Each artist or group of artists will receive £500 for their idea but the realisation of that idea (the coding, design and execution on the website) will be realised by Spy Studio and Boundless. Each Happening will be unique and run from September through to the end of the year. All artists will be credited.
  • Diversity is a core Boundless value and the artists selected will be representative of the generation of young adults they seek to attract as our audience.
  • Once you have submitted your pitch, they will assess all of them with our Advisory Group of 15-25 year olds and commission the two that can be fully realised and attract a young adult audience.


31st August 2020 (5pm) 


A note on pay transparency:

The £500 is a payment to license the intellectual property in your idea which will be your sole intellectual property and then the finalised Happening will be jointly owned between the artist, Boundless Theatre and Spy Studio. The Happenings will be free to engage with and there is no income planned.

Published on:
3 Aug 2020


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