Burn Bright- Time Bank sessions

Time Bank is an initiative to connect writers who identify as women with industry professionals willing to offer mentorship, feedback and advice on a variety of topics affecting playwrights. This is a rolling scheme – new advisors and additional sessions will be added regularly, so if you miss out this time, fear not there will be another opportunity to engage!


Burn Bright want to support as many writers as possible – whilst you might be excited to talk to everyone, please do note that sessions are limited. On receipt of your request, your advisor may feel that they are not quite the right person to advise you. If this is the case, they will email to let you know (& if possible point you in the direction of someone that can!).

Please come prepared for your session – the advisors will not be delivering a presentation on their topic. The session will work best if you prepare some questions for them to respond too.




Published on:
11 May 2020


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