by Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland

Wed, 17 November 2021

17:00 – 18:30 GMT


There are clear indications that poor mental health of freelancers in the theatre sector are at crisis levels. Industry changes to the autonomy of artists within the theatre sector, compounded by coronavirus, has led to burnout for some.

Now, as theatres begin to reopen and the pressures on artists rapidly change yet again, new and different challenges for mental health emerge.

Can anything be done to change this dangerous direction many of us are heading? What role can organisations play in protecting the mental health of the artists they work with? How can we ensure artists retain agency over their own careers?

Join playwrights Zinnie Harris and Nicola McCartney for this important conversation about dealing with poor mental health as a freelance artist. Zinnie and Nicola will share their own experiences of mental health and their strategies for maintaining wellbeing and creative practice.

The discussion will be facilitated by Alice McGrath. Alice is a facilitator, mentor, lecturer and Creative Director of Red Bridge Arts. Wellbeing has become an increasingly important aspect of Alice’s work – she has been studying it and exploring it in a variety of ways with organisations and individuals over the last few years and welcomes the opportunity to facilitate this important discussion with the theatre community.

Published on:
27 Oct 2021


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