Call Out For 5 Writers and 10 Actors based in Liverpool

The Unity Theatre Liverpool are excited to be bringing Hear Me Now Vol.2 to Liverpool in partnership with Titilola Dawudu and Tamasha Production.

Volume 2 follows the success of the 2018 smash, Hear Me Now: Audition Monologues for Actors of Colour. Conceived in 2016 by Tamasha and writer-producer Titilola Dawudu, the book of short monologues was a first of its kind, bringing together playwrights and actors in creative workshops to generate better audition material for ethnically diverse actors than the largely stereotypical characters generally found in published play texts.

The new volume will feature over 100 brand new monologues and they are looking for 5 Liverpool-based writers and 10 Liverpool-based actors to be a part of this latest publication. All actors, writers and facilitators involved will be paid for their participation.

They’re specifically recruiting for actors and writers from the African and Caribbean diasporas, people who are South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, North African, Middle Eastern and Mixed Heritage. HMN Vol.2 also has a focus on working with D/deaf and disabled people from these ethnic backgrounds too. They are always consulting with people with lived experience and organisations to make sure this project is inclusive.

The workshops will be facilitated by Saphena Aziz and will bring together actors and writers to create characters and a storyline. Creating the monologues are driven by the actor. There will be 2 x 2-hour workshops.

Workshop 1:
The first is to create the ideas for the monologues, partnering 2 actors to 1 writer. The writer will then have time to write 2 drafts of the monologue, supported by a dramaturg, before the second workshop.

Workshop 2:
The writer will present the monologues to the actors and the actors can suggest amendments. After the third draft, the monologues will be given to Bloomsbury.

Workshops will begin at the end of April and will take place over Zoom.



12pm on Thursday 8th April.

Published on:
19 Mar 2021


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