If you’re disabled, D/deaf, neurodivergent or learning disabled and an artist, theatremaker, or creative practitioner, Theatre Deli wants to hear from you! Taking place in both Sheffield and London as well as online in hybrid formats, the festival will feature new performances, exhibitions, discussions and workshops. The festival line-up and its provocations will be based on what you tell us.

They are gathering responses together to show and share the diversity of your opinions and experiences, the joys of accessible spaces, art and opportunity; as well the sticking points, conflicting opinions and on-going challenges of the social model, and how Theatre Deli  might collectively and individually address them.


Festival Curator Caroline Mawer asks:

“Maybe you remember the medical model of disability – with doctors ‘fixing’ us? Or not fixing us! Maybe you felt excited about the social model – it’s the world that needs fixing! Maybe, though, the world hasn’t got fixed like you need it!

What’s key for you? Access for audiences? Access to creative work for creatives? Access to life? Social attitudes? Or something else?

And what do you think the answer might be? What might help?

Medical model? Social model? Something more? Something different? Do we just need some little tweaks? Or a third way? A fourth way?”


You can submit your response in any form that you feel best conveys your message


Please submit your response by Sunday 5th February 2023 at 5pm.

Published on:
19 Jan 2023


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