CALL OUT: TRANS PRIDE ART NIGHT at the Marlborough Theatre Brighton

Every year as part of Trans Pride Brighton, The Marlborough  host an eclectic programme of trans, non-binary and intersex artists. This year they want to make their flagship event Trans Pride Art Night more accessible than ever by showcasing the whole evening downstairs and in the surrounding areas of their 224-year-old building.

Taking place on Thursday 18th July, they’re on the lookout for artists under the trans / non-binary / intersex umbrella who would like to present short pieces of work in these public spaces. Artists invited to perform will be offered a £400 fee with technical and marketing support. They may also be able to offer accommodation for those traveling from further afield.

They are particularly interested in hearing from those most under-represented in the Trans Pride programme including artists who are intersex, people of colour, neurodiverse and / or artists with disabilities.



5pm on Monday 20th May

Illustration by Rory Midhani

Published on:
9 May 2019


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