Camden People’s Theatre- Artists of colour Seed commission call-out Autumn 2019

Camden People’s Theatre offers six seed commissions annually to artists of colour, to support the development of innovative new theatre projects. Three of these commissions are on offer in Autumn 2019: successful candidates will receive £750, the equivalent of one week’s rehearsal space, and the opportunity to present a ‘scratch’ performance (approx. 20 mins long) as part of their artistic programme.


What they’re offering:

  • £750 seed commission
  • Equivalent of one week’s rehearsal space between Oct 21st and Nov 1st, 2019
  • A performance on Nov 11th or Nov 25th as part of a Big Bang scratch night at CPT
  • Technician to support get-in, and to operate your show (NB: they anticipate scratch sharings to require minimal technical support)
  • Marketing support in advance of public performances
  • Ongoing development opportunities.
  • CPT hopes that seed commissions lead to longer-term relationships with artists; they will do what we can to offer projects further support.

These commissions are offered to artists of colour in recognition of the fact that these artists are underrepresented in contemporary theatre.


  • New work: new ideas, or work that is still at the early work-in-progress stage
  • Work that reflects CPT’s priority (but not exclusive) focus on questions of social, political or cultural currency
  • Unconventional and innovative work
  • Devised, self-made and solo work
  • Off-site work
  • Interactive work
  • Live art / cross-disciplinary work
  • Please bear in mind, they are unlikely to consider ‘plays’ as traditionally understood, ‘new writing’, formally conventional work, straight monologues, or any work made according to the usual writer-director-actor hierarchies.



Mon 23 Sept, 10am

Published on:
2 Sep 2019


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