Camden People’s Theatre-Call-out for submissions for a new festival

Call-out for submissions for a new festival exploring ‘Generation Snowflake’ – the idea, and the reality.

In autumn 2019, Camden People’s Theatre will present a new season of performance interrogating trigger warnings, offence-taking, no-platforming – and the culture of the so-called ‘snowflake’.

The festival will run from October 22 to November 9, 2019. They are now actively seeking theatre projects to be included in this festival.



Monday 22 April at 10am. 


What they’re looking for:

  • Full-length productions or performances exploring, or relevant to, the festival’s themes
  • New works-in-progress of approx. 20mins in length – to appear on ‘scratch’ platforms as part of the festival
  • Any other performance work that may be relevant to the themes of our festival

What they’re offering:

  • An opportunity to perform in our festival
  • A box-office split of 60/40 in artists’ favour; or a fee to participate in festival ‘scratch’ nights
  • Technical support
  • Comprehensive PR and marketing support
  • Discount tickets to other events in the festival


Published on:
29 Mar 2019


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