Camden Peoples Theatre- Three new opportunities

Call for Submissions: Outside the Box

CPT are offering 4 x brand new Outside the Box commissions for new work tailored to the era of social distancing. The commissions will support R&D towards a digital or live sharing in autumn 2020 or spring 2021 – of a work-in-progress or full production, depending on artist’s vision.

They are seeking projects that:

  • May be live, virtual, or both; online or IRL. Projects that explore what ‘live performance’ can be at a time of closed theatres.
  • Communicate meaningfully – and promise exciting cultural encounters – with CPT’s local communities, themselves isolated in many cases by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Are made by artists from marginalised backgrounds – specifically artists of colour; d/Deaf and disabled artists; and artists from working-class backgrounds. CPT will offer min. 2 of the 4 commissions to artists/companies identifying as such

Each commissioned artist will receive:

  • £4,000 cash commission
  • £800 for professional development / up-skilling – e.g. technical, access
  • £300 for marketing + £150 contribution to PR
  • 3 days of expert producing advice / fundraising support
  • Funds to support artists’ access requirements
  • Mentoring from CPT’s Directors and General Manager, and 5 days’ dedicated support from CPT’s Community Engagement Manager
  • Support with R&D/rehearsals online, or in person (up to 3 weeks) subject to public health restrictions and availability

The deadline for Outside the Box applications is Tuesday 1st September at 10am.

Interviews will take place on the 10th and 11th of September. 



Call For Submissions: Starting Blocks 2021

Starting Blocks invites artists to create innovative new projects, as part of a peer network encouraging engaged collaboration between participants. Over ten weeks, participants meet weekly to share practice, ideas and their developing works. They are given space to develop their project and practice, tailored mentoring, a materials budget, and a fee of £750.

What they’re looking for:

  • Shows the like of which they’ve never seen before
  • new work
  • new ways of making theatre,
  • new experiences for audiences.

Applications for Starting Blocks will be open Thursday 20th August – Monday 14 September.

Interviews will take place on the 24th and 25th September.



Call for Submissions: Seed commissions for artists from marginalised backgrounds

CPT are offering 9 seed commissions to artists from marginalised backgrounds, to support the development of innovative new theatre projects. These commissions are on offer in autumn 2020: successful candidates will receive £750, one week’s rehearsal space (or one week’s supported digital R&D), and the opportunity to perform as part of our artistic programme.

What they’re looking for:

  • New work: new ideas, or work that is still at the early work-in-progress stage
  • Work that reflects CPT’s focus on questions of social, political or cultural currency
  • Unconventional and innovative work
  • Devised, self-made and solo work
  • Off-site work; interactive work; or live art and cross-disciplinary work

Each commissioned artist will receive:

  • £750 seed commission
  • One week’s R&D space in autumn 2020 or spring 2021, or (if space is unavailable for public health reasons) one week of supported digital R&D
  • A supported digital sharing of your work-in-progress; or a performance as part of a Big Bang scratch night at CPT from spring 2021
  • Connection to a network of commissioned artists
  • Technical support / professional development, if required, to up-skill and expand your practice in response to social distancing conditions
  • Mentoring from CPT team; marketing support in advance of public or online performances; digital support; support with access needs where required
  • Ongoing development opportunities. CPT hopes that seed commissions lead to longer-term relationships with artists. We will do what we can to offer projects further support

Applications for the seed commissions will be open from Monday 7 September – Monday 5 October.

Interviews will take place on the 15th and 16th October.


They welcome applications in alternative formats. For any of the call-outs above you can submit a video or sound application answering the questions found inside the google forms in up to 5 minutes. They welcome video recordings to be in BSL.

Published on:
14 Aug 2020


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