Cards on the Table – Artistic Speed Dating for Migrant and Global Majority Theatre Makers

Thu, 23 June 2022

18:30 – 21:30 BST

Theatre Delicatessen

2 Finsbury Avenue




Game-inspired Artistic Speed Dating for theatre makers – find your next collaborators! First pilot for Migrant and Global Majority creatives

Cards on the Table is an evening of fast, inspiring and connective artistic dates for Theatre Makers.

You know these networking events, when you’re trying to connect with other practitioners but not really sure how to present yourself or your work? Or you have a really good feeling about a fellow creative, but how do you get around to talk biz? To present your latest idea or this project that is missing one last person to complete?

Cards on the Table is exactly for that – and evening designed to help you find new people to collaborate with.

When the evening begins you’ll all be seated randomly tables for 2. Each round lasts 7 minutes, in which you can potentially pitch up to 3 projects. When the round is over, you switch seats and on to the next date!


Evening Schedule

6:30pm – Registration begins

7:00pm – ON YOUR MARKS – Speed dating starts

7:45pm – Break for drinks and refreshments

8:00pm – Speed dating resumes

8:30pm – Speed dating ends

9:00pm – Chat & network!


Make sure to book quickly – as there is space for only 20 participants.


Cards on the Table is produced by Junction Theatre and will be hosted by David Bruckner and Neta Gracewell.

Published on:
15 Jun 2022


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