Open Call for 5 co-commissions for CHASM a programme of Live artworks and performances searching for intimacy in a time of social isolation.  

This is an opportunity for Live Artists across the UK to engage in a programme of remote performances co-commissioned by CLAY and East Street Arts.

They are offering commissions to five artists to develop new work for remote audiences of up to 6 people or the total of a household. This includes artist fees, production budget, test audiences, and a bespoke framework for a remote residency. The programme will be performed over two months in September and October 2020.

Artists are encouraged to:

  • Play with technologies to create a new space for performances rather than replace the live performances we are used to

  • Create needed entertainment for audiences to not only raise awareness about artists precarious positions, but let audiences connect with the creators of their daily entertainment and lives

  • Create a time and space for both the artist and audience to feel safe and connected to give an escape from the current reality.


12pm on 16th of July

Published on:
13 Jul 2020


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