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A Churchill Fellowship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your professional and personal horizons and, crucially, make a difference to communities and professions across the UK. Every year the trust offer up to 150 Fellowships for UK citizens to spend up to two months overseas, researching innovative and inspiring practice in a wide range of professional sectors. These are fully-funded opportunities to explore a topic of your own devising, bring that knowledge back to the UK and use it here to improve practice and policy. Applicants can come from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

During your trip, you will have time and full financial support to learn, reflect, network and develop in your chosen field. The trust provide further funding for this post-trip activity, and put you in touch with their nationwide network of Fellows. On your return, they can support you with advice and further funding to spread your findings locally or nationally, perhaps to set up a pilot project or new organisation, and to meet key players in your topic area. They partner with key organisations in each of our project categories, to enhance the reach and impact of the Fellows’ work.


Each grant is individually calculated and depends on the project, the destination(s) and the duration of travel. The grant covers

  • Economy return flights to the UK.
  • Internal travel in your destination countries.
  • Food and accommodation for the duration of your travels.
  • Visa fees.
  • Vaccination costs.
  • Insurance.

Subject to approval they may also pay for

  • Conference fees.
  • Translator costs.
  • Carer’s travel and accommodation (if you have a disability and require someone to travel with you).
  • In exceptional circumstances they may make a contribution to home expenses. This should be mentioned on the short-list form for discussion at interview.



18 September 2018, for travel in 2019.


How to apply 

You can apply for a Fellowship in these categories:

  • Artists & makers
  • Education
  • Emergency services: crisis prevention, response and recovery
  • Enterprise: supporting social impact
  • Environment, conservation & sustainable living
  • Healthcare: innovations for the twenty-first century
  • Migration: living well together
  • Nursing & Allied Health Professions
  • Rural living: strengthening countryside communities
  • Science, technology & engineering
  • Suicide: prevention, intervention and postvention
  • Young people’s awards
  • Open category: for projects beyond this range


You do not need to be a field leader in your chosen subject, nor have qualifications of any kind. But you do need to have a passion for learning from best practice overseas and bringing your findings back to the UK to make change happen here.

You must be:

  • A UK Citizen and have a British passport when you apply.
  • Resident in the UK.
  • Aged 18 or over when you submit your application form (or turn 18 by the end of that year).

Other circumstances

  • If you were born in Northern Ireland, hold an Irish passport and are resident in the UK, you can apply.
  • If you are resident in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you can apply.
  • If you reside in British Overseas Territories or serve abroad in the Armed Forces or as a diplomat you can also apply.
  • If you are an Australian or a New Zealander, you might be able to apply to the Australian Trust or the New Zealand Trust.

Projects not considered

We will not consider the following applications:

  • Those which only benefit the individual and show no potential for wider benefit.
  • Those from more than one person: we will only fund one individual.
  • Teams or team members (but expedition leaders can apply in the Open category).
  • Those which already have, or hope to have, a large number of sponsors.


For more information and to apply please gt to

Published on:
29 Jun 2018


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