Clive and Sylvia Richards Bursary- Pentabus Writer in Residence


‘I WROTE. I wrote so much. Because Pentabus gave me that time and space to just scribble away, and I can never thank them enough for that. They made me realise what I want to write and why I want to write it.’           Tim Foley, 2016/17 Writer in Residence and Bruntwood Award Winner 2017

Pentabus are looking for an emerging writer to become their 2018/19 Writer In Residence.

Pentabus are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a grant from the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity to support a Writer In Residence Bursary for the next two years. The Bursary will support a professional artist in the early stage of their career, providing the opportunity for the recipient to spend up to a year at their base in Bromfield, South Shropshire

The bursary is £10,000 to support you for 12 months.


Entry requirements

You will commit to living in Ludlow for at least 6 months of the 12 month bursary period. Any additional work you do for Pentabus outside of the Bursary requirements will be recompensed at ITC rates.

You will be required to submit two reports to Pentabus for the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity, who are the generous supporters of the Writer In Residence Bursary. The bursary is designed to cover living costs in order to allow the Writer In Residence to focus on their work.



Pentabus are looking for committed, enthusiastic and exceptionally talented writers and theatre makers in the early stages of their career. You MUST have a passion for theatre and a strong interest in the wider theatre industry.

You may have a relevant degree in Literature, Creative Writing, Theatre Studies, or commensurate experience in professional theatre. Ideally, applicants would either have an agent, or have completed an Emerging Writers’ or Artists’ programme (ie Orange Tree Writers Collective, REP Foundry, Royal Exchange Young Company, MAKE etc) or to have had a production of their work professionally produced, either in a Fringe, Rural Touring or Studio theatre setting.

Pentabus are committed to nurturing and developing the best rural talent, and you may have none of the above experience. People who have genuinely come from a rural background, who do not have the above qualifications or experience, but have an important story to tell can also apply.

You do not need to be able to drive in order to apply.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.


How to Apply:

Fill in an application form found on the Pentabus website  

You MUST include with your application:

  • Your completed application form.
  • A completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.
  • A copy of a full length play that you’ve written. Ideally we’d like to read plays that have had a professional reading or production.  NB This play will not be read unless you are shortlisted. Please provide details of the production or reading with the play.
  • A current writer’s CV or Biog.

If you’d like to have an informal chat with someone about the Bursary, then do call the Pentabus office on 01584 856564.



Friday 9 March at 5pm.



Published on:
19 Feb 2018


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