COMMON: GROUND in the South East

Farnham Maltings and Chichester Festival Theatre are partnering with COMMON on the fourth session in a programme of events under the banner COMMON: GROUND in the South East. The session will be held at Chichester Festival Theatre at 6.30pm until 9.00pm on Monday 9 December 2019.

COMMON: GROUND is a series of supportive discussions for working and under-class theatre artists and creatives who live and work in the south east. The sessions are an opportunity for those who attend to share the barriers to career progression that they face in their practice, to open a dialogue and identify solutions to how Chichester Festival Theatre and Farnham Maltings could more effectively support working and under-class artists in their locality and across the region.

The barriers raised during the discussion will be documented as part of COMMON’s research into the scale of the challenges and inequalities faced by working and under-class creatives nationally.

This event will be wheelchair-accessible, baby/child friendly and inclusive of working and under-class artists from intersectional backgrounds across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, gender binaries, visible and non-visible disabilities or illness and neurodiversity.

The session is free to attend, and they can offer support if the cost of travel is a barrier to attending.

Published on:
8 Nov 2019


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