Coney and Overhouse- Micro commissions

This Summer, Ovalhouse and Coney are collaborating to open a new interactive space within a shop unit in Brixton Village. The shop will reveal itself to be a ‘mission headquarters’ where a number of games and adventures will be launched for locals and visitors to play for free.

Coney will be creating these games, and with Ovalhouse are looking to micro-commission four new pieces to be designed and realised by makers specific to Brixton. The commissioned pieces will become part of A Mixtape of Adventures,available to play throughout June and July 2020.

The games may vary in length, number of players, analogue or digital – but all will invite players to interact with each other and/or the streets of Brixton in new ways.

What’s on offer

  • Four micro-commissions – to design and realise a game to be played in and specific to Brixton.
  • A fee of £500 per commission.
  • Three half-day workshops in Coney’s practice of game-making, including: Demos of Existing Coney Works; Making Audience-Centred Interactive Work; Digital Toolkits.

Who they’re looking for

  • Artists or makers who are passionate about Brixton: its people, places and stories.
  • Artists or makers who are writers, game designers or work in other storytelling-media and who want to expand their practice into game design.
  • Individuals that base their work or live in Brixton. We are open to applications from individuals who have had or currently have a significant connection with the area.

VID-19: They currently plan to continue to build this project, but due to present circumstances it may be that we offer the workshops digitally. They’ll be in touch with the selected makers, to make arrangements and with project updates.



10am on Friday 3 April. Workshops and making will take place through April and May. Dates are currently flexible.

Published on:
20 Mar 2020


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